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Some Activities to try to help you

The parable of the Two Sons

Read the story here Matthew 21:23-32

Are you someone who does what you are asked - by family, and by God? Or do you make excuses or get too busy? Think about it here   

There's also a maze to fill in here

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WE are the Church

We have some tips of how to treat each other from Matthew 18: 1-6, 12-20

Click the picture for a colouring sheet : PEOPLE make up the church!

In the Creed we say the Church is One, Holy, catholic & Apostolic - here's a craft activity to help you think what that means! (Sheet to print here)

How about thinking about our church, and the people who make up our family? 

Jesus says "Take up your cross and follow Me"

You can read the story in Matthew 16:21-26

Click on the picture for a colouring sheet to fill in,

or click here for sheet with some ideas about how we can follow Jesus!

There's a craft activity HERE  to make cross from wool and cardboard!

I wonder what it means for you to "take up your cross" as you follow Jesus?
Following Jesus and being his friend is great, but sometimes it can be hard. 

Take up cross.jpg

Jesus and the foreign woman

Click on the picture for a fun sheet to fill in,

or click here for a picture to colour or copy..

You can read this rather strange story in Matthew 15:10-28

What makes you 'you' is what you are like inside, not where you come from or even what you eat!

rock church.jpg

Peter says who Jesus is

You can read the story in Matthew 16:13-20

Click on the picture for a colouring sheet to fill in,

or click here for a word search (and click here for the answers if you get stuck!)

It's really important to know who Jesus is: The Messiah, the Son of the Living God, so why not make this simple craft/book to help you remember? 

Screenshot 2020-08-10 at 17.46.15.png

Walking on water

Click on the picture for the instructions for a craft to make the story

of Jesus walking on the water.

You can read it in Matthew 14:22-33

How would you have felt? Can you trust Jesus when life feels stormy?

Feeding 5000

There’s a mini book for you to colour in and fold up or         

you might like to make up your own news report of the story.       .

It’s Matthew 14:13-21 – you can look it up in your Bible,        
or on         
Are you thankful for all the things God supplies?       

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