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You could make your own version of a wreath using plants from outside, then add 5 candles for the

4 sundays, and Christmas day 

Making Wreaths
Travelling Knitivity 2020.png

You could print out a copy of a Celtic wreath to colour and carefully put candles on. Click here for instructions.

Or draw a picture as you journal through each day of Advent .

Click here to print a booklet of thoughts and prayers for each Sunday as you light your candle at home, following the themes of

Hope, Peace, Joy & Love

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< Click this picture for lots of ideas and things to do

each day of Advent

You could make a 'wreath out of air-dry clay (look at some examples above), or salt dough, then add 5 tea light candles to light each Sunday at home. 
Instructions here.

Or here for Hannah Miranda's ideas of fun and kind things for kids to do each day or Advent >

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