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Week 1: 26th Nov 2020

Angels bring the message

to Mary & Joseph

"Don't be afraid - God is with you!"


Week 1


Cut a triangle and circle from white paper. Draw round your child's hands then cut them out to be the angel's wings!

Christmas Eve at the bottom of the page

Week 2: 3rd December 2020

Mary & Joseph travel with the donkey to Bethlehem.

The only place they could stay was with the donkey in the stable.

The baby was called Jesus, which means "God saves"


Week 2


Make a 'stable' - use lolly sticks if you have them to make a stable shape, or just draw a stable shape. Then you can draw your own donkey, or put bits of tissue paper to make a 'stained glass' effect for a window.

Week 3: 10th December 2020

A whole load of angels appeared to the shepherds. They told them not to be afraid, they brought very good news: Jesus the Saviour is born.

week 3.jpg

Week 3


<< Make a wooly sheep by using cotton wool balls, and a black felt tip to draw the head, legs and tail

<<Make a sheep decoration for your Christmas tree. You could write GOOD NEWS on the back

Cut out the shape of a shepherds crook, and decorate it >>


Week 4: 17th December 2020

A star leads the wise men and their camels to baby Jesus. They give him presents, like we have at Christmas - remembering that Jesus was God's present to us all

Week 4


Draw round/handprint child's hand, then turn thumb into camels head, & add a tail. Draw wise men & star.

Or decotae your own star shape

Christmas Eve 

Advent Angel Story

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