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On the days when it's not Church, or other activity in church, we will have daily 11am reflections on Zoom & facebook live - do join us!

(Or catch up here)

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Click above for the videos daily.

Click the coloured picture for Day 1 Morning Reflection with Densel & Marcia

(Passcode: Yhe?xa^8)

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Screenshot 2021-05-14 at 14.00.18.png
Day 2.png

Click "Joy" picture for Day 2  with Maureen.

(Passcode J5q=tUx=)

<< Click here for the awesome TKC song!

Prayer Stations at Church - Saturday May 15th

Restless hearts.png

Day 5 Sean leads us in thinking about offering ourselves to God 

<< click pic to watch

  Day 6 Maureen leads us in thinking about connecting people to God

click pic to watch >>

God & human connection.png

Wednesday 19th Prayer for the World - in church (with masks) 10-11am or 2-3pm (not online!)

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Day 8 Marcia led us in thinking about God's love & adoration. <<

Day 9 Maureen helped us think about the joy of being close to God. >>

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