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During lockdown we are called to pray as a nation each day at 6pm, as well as making Thursdays a special prayer time.
Read the archbishops letter here, and link to the CofE website for daily prayer topics here.

Thursday Prayer@11
Pray for the launch of the Better Books campaign on World Book Day, ensuring that all people in our wonderfully diverse world can see books about people that look like them!

Pray for all suffering from chronic and ongoing pain, and all who have been told to shield.


For teachers, children and parents preparing for the return to school.


For all medical staff and carers, and those involved in the vaccination program.


For those worrying about money and implications of the new budget.


And a prayer from the 14th century by Thomas a Kempis

O Lord my God, do not be far from me.

My God, have regard to help me.

I have many thoughts and great fears afflicting my soul.

How will I pass through unhurt?

How will I break them to pieces?

This is my hope, my one only consolation,

to flee to You in every tribulation,

to trust in You,

to call on You from my inmost heart,

and to wait patiently for your consolation.

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