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Sep 08, 2022
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Krafton Inc. and McLaren have come together for a new crossover event in PUBG Battlegrounds, bringing their cars to the game. The 19.2 Update, which you can read more about here, will bring in a series of cars from the automotive company to streak across the battlefield as options to drive in and battle from. You'll have the chance to drive in exclusive McLaren GT vehicle skins and in-game items from September 6th through November 1st for PC players, and from September 15th through November 9th for console players. Which will also be the dates the update goes live for both platforms. The McLaren event follows in the footsteps of a similar limited-time PUBG crossover with Assassin's Creed. In the new event, survivors can acquire McLaren GT Standard - Onyx Black vehicle skin as well as other special in-game loot from custom McLaren Loot Caches. These include costume, gear, emote, and other items. Also, the Coupe RB vehicle found in Miramar can be equipped with special McLaren skins by using a new vehicle interaction feature. As expected, performance is not affected by the skins. Players will be able to make the following vehicle skins workshop when McLaren tokens are used: McLaren GT Standard - Silica White "McLaren GT Elite - Volcano Yellow They will also have the opportunity to craft their own McLaren vehicles. Here are some of the customizations players can do in the workshop: Vehicle colors Brake calipers Wheels Anyone who purchases any McLaren vehicle skins can open up special car containers that'll have a driveable McLaren in the pre-game lobby. The McLaren containers and vehicles will be removed from the match as soon as the game starts. Throughout the collaboration, a special container car will spawn in each starting point of Erangel, Miramar, Taego, Sanhok, Vikendi and Deston. Players who own a McLaren vehicle skin can interact with these container cars and only the player and/or their teammates who open the container can ride and drive the vehicle. The McLaren containers and vehicles will be removed once the match starts. Welcome to and purchase PUBG Mobile Accounts. We are specialized in offering PUBG Mobile Accounts with the cheapest price to customers all over the world. Huge stock are available on each server, delivery is prompt, meanwhile we have 24*7 customer service to help you out with any problem.


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