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Jesus was anointed by Mary at Bethany.
John 12::1-12

Peter reads for us, and Lesley reflects


Jesus speaks of dying to live: a grain of wheat falls into the ground.
John 12::20-36

Tom reads for us, and Sonia reflects

Songs to reflect:

There is a redeemer (Now the green blade rises)   (In Christ alone)

Ash cross.png

Jesus is betrayed by Judas

John 13:21-32

 Vanessa reads for us,
and Edith reflects

Maundy Thursday

Feet washing and last supper

with our Servant King

John 13:1-17, 31-35

Matt reads for us,
and Sean reflects

Songs to reflect: (From the squalor) (I have decided) (Brother sister, let me serve you)

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Good Friday

Jesus is condemned and crucified

John chapters 18-19

Maureen leads our reflections

and encourages us to read for ourselves

Songs to reflect: (When I survey) (There is a green hill) (The power of the cross)

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Jesus' body is dead in the tomb

John 19:38-42

 Marcia reads for us,
and Densel reflects

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